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Aug 02 2008
Colour Me Red Keeps It St. Lucian
By Kendell “Scady” Eugene
Photos by Cindy Emmanuel-McLean

When Colour Me Red first made its way onto the Carnival calendar, many frowned saying “Oh great! Another red party! Bring down acts to steal the show from our own.” Of course those were the non revellers, and frankly people I believe should keep their comments to themselves since they have no clue what they are talking about. Colour Me Red has featured Antigua’s and Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest names on their cards including Destra Garcia, Shurwayne Whinchester, Maximus Dan, Onyan, Tizzy, El-A-Kru, Atlantik and Traffic just to name a few.

This year however that would change considerably. Sticking true to their opening paragraph on their website which clearly states that “There is no doubt that Red International has succeeded in distinguishing itself as a leader in the evolution of the carnival product in Saint Lucia” the band presented Colour Me Red 2008 as “Simply Lucian”.

That’s right, everything down to the security was strictly from home. The line up boasted artistes who have been creating quite a stir in the Soca industry through out the years, both here and abroad backed by two of the hottest bands for Carnival 2kgreat T.E.M and Mad Camp. The much anticipated event didn’t hit airwaves until the final week but like a carnival ritual, persons knew that the only place to be on Carnival Wednesday was the Gaiety on Rodney Bay. Coming off a slow start persons didn’t start filling the floor of the club until a little after midnight. Before then those coming in were greeted with music from Hyper D and Levi Chin.

The two proceeded to get everyone ready for the first set of performances which would include Jessica, Platinum George, Q Pid, Nicole David, and Kakal with backing band T.E.M. As each artiste maintained a steady pace with the crowd some making them “Woule’”, backing up, going down to the ground or just having their head bad, it was Kakal who had everyone glued to his performance, but not with waving rags or flags but with a slide show he presented as he performed Carl. Carl one of his two Groovy songs speaks about a young man living a very promiscuous life. The slide show which had everyone in awe for a few minutes showed the results of the diseases one can contract if one is not careful. He quickly got them out of their daze with “Party Mash-Uppers” as he left the stage.

At 2:30am the first half of the show had come to a close and it was the turn of R.C.I’s Iwa and Scady Dot P to keep the crowd hyped for the next set which would include Superman HD, Sirlancealot, Herb Black, Isla Man, Teddyson John, Ricky T and . Groovy Monarch, Herb Black. Herbie was the first one on and it was almost like Groovy Soca Monarch night all over again. In all corners the chant was the hit song “Suzette”. Following his performance was the beginning of the Mad Camp set. Using a style that is unique to band performances in St. Lucia, Mad Camp opted not to use the M.C. but have their artistes introduce one another. Isla Man an artiste who has shown a tremendous amount of improvement over the years was up and in matter of seconds he had everyone following his every sign and doing just as he did. The Super Friends, Sirlancealot and Superman HD, followed both with energetic performances.
Teddyson followed with a super groovy set performing all of his carnival favourites, before Isla took the stage again giving us yet another electrifying performance. The night ended with Ricky T closing things off performing among many others, his winning song “Wheel and Come Again.”