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We continue to feature pieces written by CXC students. This week’s article is written by Neilia Pierre. She was asked to write a speech on the topic “Teenagers are down right careless, lazy and irresponsible”. Last week we featured’ Jaimee Joseph’s views on the issue, now lets’ see what Neila thinks.

The principal, the vice principal, teachers and students, I bid you a pleasant good morning. I say to you that in spite of being a teenager, myself, I must agree with the statement “Teenagers are down right careless, lazy and irresponsible”. Teenagers need to be spoon-fed, they need someone to pick up after them, and they need bibs when they eat. This is ridiculous! What they really need is to realize that they are no longer babies.
Firstly, I say that teenagers are careless. I say that they are careless because they do not think before they act. They need to learn that to every action there is a reaction. We teenagers are forever engaging in activities we know that are wrong. We are careless when it comes to the placement of things. Misplacing our home- work, clothes, shoes, and books has become a hobby. We are careless when it comes to choosing our friends. We choose the peers who cause our downfall and not our success. Alcohol, drugs, sex, can we be any more careless than that? A recent survey shows that, seventy- five percent of road accidents occur due to careless teenage driving. Adolescents believe that they are too old to do the things children do and not old enough to do the things adults do, so they do things no body will do, which are most times careless things.
Secondly, I find that teenagers are way too lazy. What happened to the days when the whole family worked together on the weekend to do household chores? Nowadays teenagers do not even want to get off the couch to change the television channel. Clothes are always on the floor, wet towels are always on the bed, and their closet is a bin for everything they have ever owned. Cell phone dialing is the most exercise they do. They loathe physical education and want it to be banned, they are even reluctant to walk, they refuse to do their home- work and they fall asleep in class. Teenagers are the type of people who let things happen instead of make things happen. Oh aren’t teenagers lazy? They are lazy, lazy, lazy!

Thirdly, teenagers are not only careless and lazy, but they are irresponsible too. We are aware that our curfew is at ten o’clock, yet we are out at midnight. We know better but we teenagers just take pleasure in showing how irresponsible we are. Teenagers are irresponsible when it comes to their material possessions. We frequently hear them saying “Mom where’s my socks, my shoes, my books.” They are irresponsible when it comes to their education. They skip class, they do not complete their home- work and they waste time during important lessons. They are irresponsible when it comes to their own health far less anything else. Teens need more direction; they make stupid decisions when it comes to sexual activity, drugs and other health choices. Teenagers are known to stay up late on school nights and parents often are left with the grief from needing a crane to wake them up on school mornings. These are clearly irresponsible actions.
Finally, Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. I also have a dream that one-day teenagers will be responsible, caring and hardworking individuals. Right now, because of their irresponsibility, carelessness, and laziness it is quite obvious that it is only the reality of a dream that will change things. I have the hope that one day my dream will come true.

By: Neilia Pierre