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May 01st 2010
SpeedChild…came out from nowhere!
By: Ramia Thomas

Haimnauth Loakauth better known as SpeedChild, was born in India but grew up in the Caribbean. This young adult has used his hardships and experiences to create a sound that music has surely been missing. However, it’s his outlook on the current state of the hip hop industry that makes him even more intriguing. Although he is a lot younger than many of his hip hop reggae counterparts, he exudes a wisdom and depth far beyond his years. His first major recorded album, ‘Born To Losers Made Me A Winner’ is slated to drop in 2010, and will demonstrate how the young adult has turned his life filled with pain into something beautiful and worthwhile. Speed Child entered the music scene almost four years ago, when a few friends of his were doing street team promotion work for an artiste, and told him it was a great way to make some extra money. After doing promo for the artiste for close to a month, SpeedChild realized that, as hard as he was working to promote and push another artiste, he could be doing the same for himself as he also ‘had a story to tell’. He has since then consistently released a mixtape every year and doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon.
“I basically abandoned my parents in 1999 because they were very racist and didn’t like anyone who wasn’t Indian. They were so unlike myself that I couldn’t stay around them, so I left. We have totally lost touch since then. I arrived in New York in 2000 where I’ve been focusing on music since then. I’m really glad I had made the decision that I was not going to grow up like them,” said Speed Child.

His upcoming album, ‘Born To Losers Made Me A Winner,’ will feature established artistes such as: Wu Tang affiliates Shabaz the Disciple and Bounty Killer. In addition, he will also be releasing a book that will tell his life story.
“I don’t view hip hop as being about the bling. To me, the originators had it right by using rap to tell stories about the world, the issues around which affect the society, and their personal stories. Hip hop is freedom. It’s more than a culture. It’s everything! Back in the day, the originators were doing it because they had something to say. The artistes these days have become slaves to the label. Rapping about what their label tell them to, not what they wanna rap about. Hip hop doesn’t have to be cars, cash and girls. When I look at rappers now, I just see a fad. For instance, why would you wanna jump on a Lil Wayne or Jay Z beat? Do you have no creative juice in you? More people need to start coming up with their own style,” said SpeedChild.
SpeedChild uses his creativity to fuse hip hop and reggae to share his story with the multitudes. His outlook of the hip hop industry is one of a man with twice his experience, and he’s all about business and not the bling, to this day.

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